Notes for Teachers

Entries to the Competition should be the sole work of the individual student entrant or the team producing a video entry. Any outside creative -- e.g. stock photos, found images, music tracks, or code -- must be cited with text references or hyperlinks.

An optional one- to three-sentence artist's statement can be added to support the entry.

As in the commercial workplace, the Creative Briefs can help focus class-wide discussions about solutions to the graphics challenges. Teachers can bring in academic subjects to brainstorm effective messages, and should encourage peer review and audience testing. Creative work is collaborative work for most industry professionals.

In First Round entries, students should show the evolution of their work with sketches of the alternative approaches they did not take. (Supporting copy and art should be tightly targeted, not just a data dump.) The First Round is email and PDF-based,

Once the judges' responses come back for the Second Round, students get the chance to finalize their work. This is also an opportunity for another round of peer review and testing and a final artist's statement.

With luck, we'll be back in-person at CityTech for the 2022 Competition. This year's process may have some bumps and glitches, but it may also help us build an online capability that we can use for new competitions in the future.

Please send any comments, questions and good ideas to event organizer
Jack Powers, JPowers@IN3.ORG.