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"One of the most talked-about nonprofits is the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which works to safeguard the earth — its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. They currently have more than 2 million members who fight alongside around 500 scientists, lawyers and policy advocates around the world. Since they are so well known, they are a great option for taking on the fight. Every penny counts, and I know they would appreciate anyone who is willing to stand up for our planet.

My personal favorite is Surfrider. I found them when researching volunteer opportunities and fell in love. Their chapters are primarily focused on coastal states, but that doesn’t make their efforts for naught in the landlocked states. They’re fighting pollution every day, and the best place for that to happen is at the source, so having operations near the ocean just makes sense. One thing I love is their campaign against cigarette litter, which has the best name: “Hold Onto Your Butt.” Cigarette filters are actually made of finely woven plastic fibers and are among the most-littered items in the country. Donate to them today and help them save birds and sea life from all the litter humans discard that ends up in the ocean.

Fossil fuels are among the worst inventions we are still using today, and in order to save this planet, we need to be living off a more sustainable option. The Solutions Project educates anyone who will listen about how to turn your house, community or whole city into a 100 percent sustainable community. They have an interactive map of the whole country so you can see how your state would be affected if it went 100 percent sustainable. This type of organization is full of people willing to get down and dirty and fight for our planet at whatever cost. They are working with all levels of government to try and get their plans into action. Without organizations like this, we wouldn’t get very far at all. I’m so thankful they’re around.

It may seem like there are many organizations devoted to climate change, but every nonprofit has a small niche in which they can make a huge difference. Long term, we need to put more money toward clean energy job training so we aren’t so dependent on these organizations in the first place. We shouldn’t be asking people for money, our government should be protecting us within its own budget. Until that day comes, please consider donating your morning coffee money to one of these amazing nonprofits. Just remember that no matter the size of the organization you decide to support, we are all underdogs until we are 100 percent sustainable. We need to come together and fight for the future generations’ right to a safe and hospitable planet."

- Audrey Holmes from

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