The U.S. Constitution in Our Society

The constitution of the United States, signed on September 17, 1787, influences our current society and the way we live in a number of ways.

About Our Constitution

We the people...

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government. Its first three articles entrench the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress; the executive, consisting of the President; and the judicial, consisting of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Articles Four, Five and Six entrench concepts of federalism, describing the rights and responsibilities of state governments and of the states in relationship to the federal government. Article Seven establishes the procedure subsequently used by the thirteen States to ratify it.

Rules of Society

Just like there are rules that students must live by in school, the United States government must live by rules, too. Our constitution establishes and enshrines the supreme law of the United States. Following the principal of Rule of law, each and every individual residing in our borders is held accountable to the law.

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Establishing Society Ideals

The Constitution serves as a set of ideals that our society should live by. Important topics vital to the function of a society are included in the Constitution, in addition to the politics that stem from it. The varying interpretations of our Constitution and how the provisions should be implemented fuel endless debate within our country, and help establish our ideals.

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Structure of Government

Our constitution also helps set up our structure of government, dividing the government into three different branches, the legislative, juidical, and executive branches. From this, our society gets a system of checks and balances, helping ensure that no one branch has too much power.

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Human Rights

Enshrined in our Constitution is one of the first ever formal declarations of human rights: the Bill of Rights. These first 10 amendments to the Constitution explicitly outline citizen's rights, and limit the power of the government to avoid abusing those rights. These very rights are protected to this day, ensuring our society is protected in the law.

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